Art of a blonde feminine person holding the hand of a werewolf. A decorative purple sigil is behind them.

Welcome to Belorov.

You stay the night in a walled town with your travelling companion. Terrible affairs of the past leave you two lost, left with no choice.

The master of the town has invited you and three others to partake in a banquet on All Hallows’ Eve. But as the moon wanes, the scent of fresh blood can be smelled as a scream punctures the night.

Your companion has been accused of murder: after all, he’s beginning to take on a monstrous form, and the easiest option would be to blame him. The curse brings with it deceit.

Can you prove his innocence to these strangers?

You have until sundown.

Press Kit

Quick Facts

Abbreviations: Wolfskin, WsC

Genres: Romance, Mystery, Drama

Release Date: Sep 30, 2021

Platforms:, Steam and Google Play

Windows Mac Linux Android

Price: Free or donation

Wolfskin’s Curse follows a former nun, Ilona and her werewolf companion, Edwin. The two of them seek shelter in a walled town during All Hallows’ Eve, from being shunned due to the nature of their unlikely relationship.

The mystery-romance kinetic novel, Wolfskin’s Curse, uses poetry and dramatic devices for effect. The events of the story play out like a stage drama, to immerse you in the story.



Tamafry‚Äôs first visual novel, The Penitent, was created for the Only One of Any Asset Game Jam. Wolfskin’s Curse was made as an entry to Spooktober VN Game Jam 2021 as a direct sequel to the story. However, Wolfskin’s Curse can also be enjoyed on its own.

To realize this passion project, Tamafry enlisted the help of a team and friends to assist with writing, programming, music, voice acting, GUI and other aspects of game development. Wolfskin’s Curse is brought to life as a result of this enormous effort.


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